Epoxy Cementitious Flooring

Why do you epoxy a concrete floor? Epoxy flooring guards the underlying cement upon moisture, smudges, lubricant and breaks. In the extended run, this can protect you from an excellent opportunity on cleansing and sustaining expenses by reducing the requirement to wash carpet or grout. It's too sensibly imposed for the extent and level of protection that it provides. Research has discovered that nearly 80-85% of the epoxy/ PU floorings collapse in few projects and that is because of the huge level of fog content in the concrete or due to improved moisture. epoxy cement flooring provides chemistry to prevent and reduce the breakdown due to dampness content in concrete by short moisture wall epoxy screed. The section of failures due to defective material and poor performance is very low. Our epoxy coating utilized on cement floors presents an excellent appearance, soft and tough cover that can serve many times with huge amounts.

Epoxy Cementitious Flooring Uses
• Protected to thermal shocks.
• Quick return to service.
• Safe to wear and change.
• Sterilized.