Industrial Shed Waterproofing

Shed waterproofing is used for giving protection form rain or other seasonal calamities. Such as industrial shed, grage Shed, Car parking shed, etc. If there exist any kind of problems in the shed, it takes too much money and time cosnuming to replace the shed. But its good to get it repaired. Shed waterproofing services repairs the cement, and metal based sheds, with suitable solutions required with less time which provides no other load and makes the Shed stronger for long time.

Industrial Shed Waterproofing
• Preparation of the surface/ Base slab for primer coating.
• One coat of primer to make cracks visible for better surface preparation.
• Repair of cracks and other damage on concrete/surface with polymerized mortar primer.
• Two coat of liquid membrane coating.
• Spread of Glass fiber mesh.